Video Converter Subtitles

Video to video converter supports adding subtitles.

In order to add subtitles you have two options.

1) Use the built-in "Video to video" renderer that supports only srt subtitles. If the subtitle is in a different format you need to convert it previously to SubRip (*.srt) format. There are many free programs for this purpose, for example: Subtitle Edit, Subtitles Converter, etc.

2) Use external VobSub filter (Avisync renderer). Video to video converter will install support for VobSub filter. Many formats are supported: SubRip (*.srt), Substation Alpha (*.ssa), Advanced Substation Alpha (*.ass), MicroDVD (sub) etc.

SubtitleFile - the option to choose the desired subtitle file.

Subtitle Delay - the option to move the subtitle display for certain time interval. The time is in milliseconds. Example: the subtitle is 1.5 seconds late, you enter -1500; if it is 1.5 seconds too early, enter a positive value, in this example 1500.