The Portable Version improved with BoxedApp SDK

With the portable version of the Video to Video Converter there is no need to additionally install Avisynth and LAV filters to enable certain options, such is using VobSub filters for subtitles. Video to Video Converter now creates virtual registry settings at the start up, and virtual registrations of the ActiveX controls. 100% portability and flexibility are secured in the next versions, and all this thanks to BoxedApp SDK libraries.

BoxedApp SDK can be downloaded from To be honest, trying out this tool I didn’t expect it to be possible to set up virtual environment with such simplicity and work with virtual registers and files the usual way. It is possible to virtually register ActiveX controls, COM servers, but also to start processes directly from the memory. Another important thing, when you work out of these virtual environments, you don’t need administrative privileges!

In any case, this completely solves the problem of the portable version coming with fewer options than the standard one, and enables integrating everything that the standard version can in the future. When I say this, I’m talking about the real portability, because nowadays a lot of programs are declared as portable, when they really are not.

There is another interesting tool on the www.boxedapp.comBoxedApp Packer, which can be used to turn practically any application into portable application and to pack anything into one exe file (dll, files, activex, servers, registry…) and everything behaves as if you have installed the application.